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Fryums Packing Machine
Accessible in different specifications, this range of Pouch Packing Machines is appreciated for its high efficiency level, fast mechanism and long working life. Noise free operation, prolonged working life and robust construction are the key features of these equipments.
Snacks Packing Machine
This collection of automatic and pneumatically driven Snacks Packing Machines is available in different weight, power consumption level, sealing performance and other specifications based options. Heat sealable laminated films are chosen as their packing materials.
Tea Packing Machine
Accessible in PLC controlled pneumatic and semi pneumatic operating mode based options, this range of Tea Packing Machines is appreciated for its prolonged working life, rigid body and simple maintenance process.
Namkeen Packing Machine
The Namkeen Packing Machines boast of noiseless functionality and features corrosion resistant components. It has a robust design and is quite simple to clean. They makes use of heat sealable laminated films, so as to pack the namkeen. 
Automatic Cutting Portioning & Shaping Machine
Provided Automatic Cutting Portioning & Shaping Machines are appreciated for their prolonged working life, low maintenance cost and error free operation. Low downtime and low wastage rate are some of the other attributes of these systems.
Spices Packing Machine
These ergonomically developed Spices Packing Machines deserves praise for its high accuracy level, energy efficient operation and adjustable parameters. These low maintenance systems are reckoned for their long working life and low operating cost.
Auger Filler Machine
PLC controlled Auger Filler Machines is appreciated for its simple operating method, robust construction and affordable price. These low maintenance equipments are used for precise packing of powder and granular materials.
Sealing Machine
Offered collection of Sealing Machines is appreciated for its prolonged working life, ergonomic shape and low maintenance cost. Low noise and vibration generation level, low maintenance cost and affordable price are their key aspects.
Sealing Machines
The Sealing Machines are used for sealing the sachets, dog bags, gusseted bags, pillow-type bags, pouches, etc. This can perform strong sealing of several bags.
Candy Pillow Pack Machine
Candy Pillow Pack Machine is highly useful for the packaging of toffees as well as candies. These are simple to operate machines, which are accessible in different sizes and shapes. 
Multihead Load Cell Machine
The Multihead Load Cell Machines are commonly used for automating the production lines. These have been made to dispense the product into a mechanism.